A Rollercoaster Of A Day!

A day out at Alton Towers with Anneka's new camera

Anneka knows someone who works at Alton Towers, and who receives free tickets as part of that. When we mentioned we were going, they gave us two tickets so we didn't have to pay. They also gave us a VIP pass to skip the queues - something which greatly annoyed people who didn't realise that you could get these! (We had a lot of people glaring at us when we sauntered past them!) Not long ago, Anneka bought a new camera, so we took it with us to take a couple of photos while we were out. The camera is only a very cheap one, and it shows from the photos. No zoom, poor exposure (with no adjustments available!) and a low quality lens make for disappointing photos.

The house is finally open to visitors, after years (decades actually) of neglect buy the owners of the theme park. So we went in. It was a very disappointing experience really. It's as if they were told to make the house safe enough to open, but do no more. Walking around an empty shell with no information about the history of the building just isn't good enough. Given that it's a listed building, you'd think they'd have no choice but to maintain it in good order. We did get a rare opportunity to go to the roof and look out over the park. Unfortunately, because of understandable noise restrictions, there are so many trees that you can't really see much of anything at all.

We did see this cheeky little 'easter egg' - a deliberately hidden feature that usually only the eagle eyed would notice - nestled away in a usually inaccessible location though! Whoever put this here has a very subtle kind of humour! (Although we did hear people behind us commenting that they didn't understand why it was there... Duh!)

We also took a couple of rather poor photos of ourselves with the new camera. A mistake that we won't be making again!

We went for a wander through the gardens - which were the first ever attraction at Alton Towers, long before the current theme park existed. It's quite steep in places, and a long way down, but it's worth it.

On the whole, I was rather disappointed. Although it was fairly quiet and we didn't need the VIP pass for most of the rides, I just wasn't as thrilled by the vast majority of it. The obvious, and perennial exception, was Nemesis. I can't count the amount of times I've been on that ride and it's always brilliant, every single time! I find everything else is just a tad mediocre though...

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