La Ville De L'amour (Deuxième Partie)

The race begins

On Sunday morning, we were up early. Very early. The race started shortly after 8am, so we were up at 6am! The start of the race is at the base of the Eiffel Tower, so the really annoying hawkers were out in force.

Here, the hawkers are people who constantly harass tourists to try to sell them little Eiffel Tower souvenirs and other such junk. Most of them are operating illegally, and although the police don't like it, not much ever gets done about it. They also rarely take no for an answer. One was harassing us, trying to get Anneka to buy a stupid little piece of multicoloured wool to put in her hair. For €10! I was not impressed. In fact, I had to threaten him (in French!) to get him to back off. All of this happened while the police - who were holding automatic weapons and should have intervened - stood and watched. And did nothing.

We took our places away from the start of the race, a little further down the road, where it was less crowded. As we would be photographing it, I took my SLR with me (though I would have done so anyway) and got quite a lot of photos. I'll share a few of these with you here.

There are a lot of runners in this race, so we were taking photographs for about an hour, until the last runner had gone past us. Everyone looked like they were enjoying it, and there was a great atmosphere. This was an enjoyable way to start the morning! After we'd finished, we had a rather busy day planned as it was our last day here. We would be going home on Monday morning, and wanted to soak up as much of this wonderful city as we could!

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