La Ville De L'amour (Quatrième Partie)

A walk down Avenue des Champs-Élysées

After we'd walked back under the subway from the Arc de Triomphe, we set off down the Champs-Élysées, but not before I stood in the middle of the road to take a few photos! Considering the volume of traffic, I got really lucky. At one point, the road ahead was clear, while the lights behind me were on red - and the people at the front of the four lanes of traffic actually stopped! This meant I could (very quickly!) stand in the middle of the road and get a reasonable photo looking toward the Louvre.

The French version of Abbey Road anyone?

We were too busy trying to find somewhere to eat which had a vegetarian option to really take any photos. By the time we were halfway down the avenue, we found a pizza place - Pizza Pino. It's a small chain in France, so it was nothing fancy, but we were hungry and a filling cheese pizza would do just nicely. They had 'Pizza Végétarienne' which was actually the only vegetarian option. The four cheese pizza had a cheese on that was not suitable for vegetarians, which was frustrating as I quite like a simple cheese pizza! It was quite dark in there, so I didn't take any photos. On the rest of the walk we looked at the various shops, cafés and pâtisseries. Eventually we arrived at our destination, the Louvre. For some reason, we found ourselves entering the museum from Rue de Rivoli, rather than the much grander pyramid entrance. It was almost 2pm when we arrived, so we were rushing a little here too. After only about half an hour, Anneka started feeling sick and eventually was too ill to continue, so we left. I did take a few photos though!

One thing we noticed in our very brief time here is that the French really like their statues of almost naked men and topless women! No wonder they call Paris 'The City of Love'! It was such as shame that we couldn't spend more time here - the museum is absolutely huge and there is so much to see. We didn't get to see the obvious tourist draws - the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo or Mary Magdalene - as well as all of the other historical works of art which are presented here. We have said we'll go back to Paris in the future, and perhaps take a day or two at the museum. It's really big enough to take at least four or five days if you're really interested, but for us one or two days if we plan it carefully should be sufficient.

Once we had left, we got onto the metro and headed back to the hotel. While Anneka was getting some rest in our room, I nipped out to see what was open locally in the evening. Sadly, being a Sunday, there wasn't anywhere that was going to be open. Later in the evening, Anneka still wasn't 100% so we stayed in the hotel room with some snack I'd purchased earlier on my wander about, and had a drink in the hotel bar. We did have a brief walk to the river (where the restaurant's were all closed) to get some fresh air, and it was so lovely and peaceful.

On Monday morning, we had breakfast, checked out of the hotel, and made our way home on the coach. Naturally, we had a brief stop in Calais for a few bottles of wine! While we were there, I bought Anneka some Belgian chocolates from an independent producer who had a wooden cabin near the wine warehouse we went to. They were delicious! I have to admit we both felt a bit of a tug on our heartstrings as we boarded the coach in Calais. We have absolutely, completely and utterly fallen in love with Paris. It made us so sad to be leaving and to not have spent more time there. We have resolved, however, that we will return very soon and make it a longer holiday, with time to see more of the city. And perhaps we'll fall in love with it some more...

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