A Weekend In Amsterdam (Part One)

A marathon and a sex museum...

Last weekend we went to Amsterdam, as I was contracted as part of the official photography team for the Amsterdam Marathon that takes place ever year around the city. The marathon wasn't until Sunday, and it was more of a working holiday than a proper getaway. I didn't take many (hardly any in fact) holiday photographs, as I'd need the space on my CF cards for the marathon. While I was away, Anneka was to stay at home - or so she thought!

Her dad had arranged a seat on the flight, and I'd arranged for her to be off work (and for her wages to be paid in euros €) so she could come with us. We'd put on a ruse that she needed to come to the airport with us to hand over the car, whereupon she'd be given transport home. I packed everything I thought she'd need for the weekend and got together her passport and some spending money. When we arrived at the airport, we explained that she was coming with us! Her face was a picture! She was genuinely surprised and welled up a little - it must be nice to have such a thoughtful boyfriend (even if I do say so myself!) and family!

When we got to Schipol airport, there was a long line for the train tickets, but it was fast and efficient. As well as travel to and from the airport, they also allow travel on the trams, metro and night buses around the city.

I also bought a copy of this month's Time Out magazine, as I thought it'd be a useful and quick guide to the best parts of the city - it is award time for them in Amsterdam, so I think it was a reasonable assumption! Sadly, we didn't have time to do anything in the magazine.

We stayed at the NH Musica hotel, which is in the Jewish quarter of Amsterdam. It's about 30 minutes from the city centre, and as such is very quiet. Even when we were walking from the metro station to the hotel, in the middle of the day on Saturday, there were hardly any people around! The hotel is a lovely place, very clean and modern, with plenty of space in the rooms and decent facilities. It's about a 10 minute walk from the Rai metro station which, in a city as flat as this, is easy to get to. Once we'd checked into the hotel, we headed to the city centre. When we got there, we went to 'Sex Museum Amsterdam' (link NSFW!) I'll tell you about that in part two... (link NSFW!)

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