It's Christmas!

We've had a good Christmas!

Christmas has been good this year! It's usually ok, but this year has been different - it was our first Christmas in our new place! We bought a big, real tree from a local nursery, went shopping for tree decorations together, and decorated it together. The lights aren't new - I've had those for years, and I don't see the point in replacing them until the replacement bulbs fail and we can't find anymore. Only then will they get thrown away! We put all of our presents under the tree, and enjoyed the day with just the two of us.

Traditionally, my family have always had really big gatherings at this time of year. The pub my parents used to run in the town was big enough that we'd sometimes have over 20 people around for Christmas dinner! After years of that, it was really nice to have a relaxing day for a change! Living back up here also means I haven't had to make the drive early in the morning, and also means I get to sleep in my own bed on Christmas Day evening for the first time in two years! I only took a couple of photos on Christmas Eve, so here they are!

How was your Christmas? Did you spend it with family, or did you manage to get some peace?

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