New Year's Eve

Digging out my trenchcoat!

On New Year's Eve I decided I'd taken Anneka out to my favourite Goth/Alternative pub, The Appleby, in Burton-upon-Trent. I've been going there for a few years now with one of my friends, but Anneka has never been. As it was New Year's Eve, I knew it'd be a great night (as the regular nights always are!) We'd picked my friend up from his house, and I'd been the designated driver for the night.

The couple who run the pub are so friendly, and they'd get a band booked, lots of good beer in, and put on a bit of a spread. I'd dug out my trenchcoat (which I've not worn for a while!), my jewelry, and my ridiculously large New Rock boots, and got ready for a great night out! I'd suggested to Anneka that she wore something as black as possible - she's not a Goth/Alternative sort of a person (yet...!) and though she'd be welcome in whatever she wore, I figured she'd probably be more comfortable blending in a little.

My friend and I took a couple of photos with my SLR camera, but not many as we were too busy enjoying ourselves!

Anneka really enjoyed herself and it was nice to show her this side of me! It's just a pity we don't get here more often!

Happy New Year!

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