Focus Camera Show

A day at the NEC looking at camera things

Yesterday we went to the NEC for the Focus show. It's a large exhibition of all things photography. There are manufacturers of cameras, lens, tripods and other accessory's, as well as a lot of photographers. Anneka and I went with her dad, as he's a sports photographer.

We really enjoyed ourselves, and I got to play with a lot of expensive toys! I've learnt a lot about the use of filters, modelling, product photography, landscapes and other such stuff. I only took a couple of photos, mainly because I was too busy meeting people and learning. (And dreaming up a very expensive wish-list!)

The photos of the bottle we're at a stand that really didn't have anything to do with photography - as is obvious from the bottle label. They had set it up in a mini studio though, so people got a chance to take a few photos. My tremor was acting up, so my photos are a little blurry sadly.

Anneka saw this guy who was, for some bizarre reason, modelling like this to try to sell insurance! The thing is, it didn't actually get anyone to talk to the sales people. Once Anneka had got the photo she wanted (it's a good job I'm not a jealous boyfriend!) we walked away from the stand!

On the face of it, the next photo is nothing special. It's just a blurry (there's my tremor...) photo of, well, I'm not even sure what it was. It's something to do with the construction of the building, but that's all I know. However, if you could only see the lens my camera was attached to! This photo was taken from about 50 metres away, and the object is about 20 metres from the floor!

The lens I used was part of a display of various lens from Sigma. The focal length on this photo is 1,000mm. That's 700mm more than my telephoto lens! You can see the lens (costing nearly £20,000!) here. It's a beast of a thing!

Although we had a good day, I doubt we'll go again. I'm only a semi-pro, and for what I need most of the things here weren't necessary.

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