Covering Old Ground, A Complete Basket Case, And Bums On Seats!

An long day spent gardening...

The day before I painted the garden walls I got up very early and spent quite a number of hours - most of the day in fact - removing every trace of ground elder that I could manage. As well as pulling the obvious bits out, this also involved digging down to a depth of about three feet and pulling the rhizomes out. Ground elder is one of those things that if you leave even the tiniest little bit, it will come back with a vengeance!

All this hard work had left the ground a little bare. To help prevent the ground elder returning, bare soil is a no-no. We planted a Rhododendron about a month ago, which provides a bit of ground cover, but the rest of the space needed filling up. So later that afternoon I went to buy some plants.

Here are some photos of what I bought. All of these will grow rapidly over the next couple of months and block the light from getting to the rhizomes of what's left of the ground elder. These are only annuals, so when they die I'll be leaving them to rot down, to help improve the nutrient levels in the soil.

Firstly we have a couple of Mimulus F1 varieties. I've planted them closer together than normally recommended to ensure there are no gaps for ground elder.

Next are Chrysanthemum snowland. These are like giant daisies, which will look nice while providing plenty of ground cover!

I put a hanging basket up about a month ago, but left it empty until the weather was better. Now we have some violets planted in there:

As well as plants, we have also bought ourselves a couple of new seats, which were delivered two days ago. The previous owner left a garden bench here, but it's a bit old and rickety. It's also probably nearing the end of its useful life. We'll keep it until it falls apart, but we wanted a new, sturdier place to sit!

We're really looking forward to sitting out in the garden when the weather is nice, admiring the flowers and watching the birds coming and going! Who knows, perhaps there will be room on the small table between the seats for a glass of wine (or two)?

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