Roaches Winter Walk

A lovely wintery walk in my favourite place in the country!

It's been some time since I've been for a proper walk at The Roaches, so yesterday I decided I'd jump on the bus and go for a nice long wander.

I got off the bus by a little cottage on the main road. The cottage itself I always find a little creepy. It's got old little dolls in the windows, the garden is overgrown and I have never, ever, seen anybody there. From here I walked over Ramshaw Rocks, down into the valley then along the ridge of The Roaches (called Five Clouds) to Roach End. After a brief stop for a drink I headed home, going back along the road toward Hen Cloud, then turning off to walk through farmland before reaching Abbey Green. When I got to this point, it was just a short walk back to our home. A map of my route is below and can be viewed in full here. Note that I've edited the ending slightly to stop at my local supermarket - not my house for obvious reasons!

At around 11 miles, it wasn't a bad walk. As with every walk I do, I always hate the end section as I know I'm heading back into town.

As this will be a fairly long post, I'll just put up photos with a few captions. I only took my phone with me and not my SLR - it was cold today and I just couldn't risk damaging my expensive camera! Sadly my current phone has a knackered battery - this meant that by the time I'd got to Roach End I had to stop taking photos in order to have a little power left in case of an emergency. You're not missing a great deal though after that anyway!

Looking toward The Mermaid from outside the creepy cottage

The road going up toward Ramshaw Rocks

Looking up towards the summit of Ramshaw Rocks

Looking towards the back of Five Clouds and Shutlingsloe

Looking down the valley between Hen Cloud and Five Clouds

Hen Cloud in the centre, with Well Farm to the right

Well Farm

At the foot of Five Clouds, looking towards Tittesworth

A panorama taken at the top of the steps which lead up from the Don Whillans Memorial Hut

Looking towards Bosley Cloud (centre-right, on the horizon)

The snow is melting...

Above the steep steps, overlooking Tittesworth

Looking back towards Well Farm

Looking back towards Ramshaw Rocks

Looking towards Shaw Bottom and Hazel Barrow

There's a path here somewhere!

A panorama showing the above three photos

Doxey Pool

Tittesworth from Doxey Pool

From here, if you zoom in, you can just about see Bosley Tower (centre - top of the snowy hill)
and Joderall Bank (centre left - the tiny white dot between the hill and the horizon)

Looking back towards Hen Cloud

Looking down - this gives me vertigo every time I look at it

I couldn't resist writing this in the snow!

Roach Road, heading back towards Roaches Gate
It's been a while since I've been here in the snow and I really enjoyed this walk! It was so quiet today - I only saw three people along the entire walk! It was so nice to be able to enjoy the area in peace and make new footprints in the snow. If you've never been walking on The Roaches in the snow before I'd highly recommend it - just don't go when I'm there so I can keep it all to myself!

The only downside of this route is - as I said at the start - the end of the route. As soon as you reach the top of the hill near Abbey Wood, you can see most of the town. Leek isn't a bad little town all in all, but it depresses me having to return to an urban environment after enjoying the beautiful countryside. Still, at least all this beautiful countryside is only a short walk away!

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