Hollybush and Cauldon Canal Walk

Pub! This was our battlecry when my mum told us they'd moored up!

Note: This photo is not the pub!

My parents retired a few years ago, and have chosen to live on a narrowboat. Every summer they disappear for a few months to some ancient, far off land (or at least a part of the canal network they've not travelled on before...) However, before they leave, they always head our way and moor up at a decent nearby pub. Actually, it is always the same pub! This gives us an excuse to go for a wander and have a pint, and gives them the opportunity to tell us where they're off to this time.

As this is a route we walk fairly regularly (although most of the time we don't go to the pub) I don't usually take photos. However, on this occasion, everyone was going to have the not-to-be-missed opportunity of watching me feel sea-sick on the canal. We were actually going to travel on the boat! (Ok, ok, we were only going to be on it for about 15 minutes to turn it round, but that's long enough thank-you-very-much!)

There's not really much to say, so I'm just going to put some photos up! These first three were taken by my mum, and were zoomed in. The camera on her phone is awful!

I took one of my beautiful partner, Anneka.

Then Anneka took a couple while we were mooring the boat up...

I am huge compared to my ever-shrinking mumsie! I think I kind of look like Bert from The Big Bang Theory (but only in stature) in this photo!

When we got back to the mooring point, I jumped straight off the boat! It felt so good to be on dry land! I can't handle being swayed and rocked about on water for very long, but I've never actually been sick - though I've come close once or twice! I can only just about manage when the boat is moored up, but even then it won't stay still...

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