A Short Walk on Ramshaw Rocks

Clearing my mind in the Peak District

This morning I decided I desperately needed to get out of the house for a while. As sometimes happens, I was having what I call a 'bad day' (as far as my mental health goes). Sometimes this necessitates a walk nearby, perhaps along the canal, sometimes it means spending most of the day on The Roaches. Today it was sort of halfway between the two extremes. I knew it had to be on the rocks, but because of work commitments it would have to be short. Anneka agreed to join me, and so we set off for Ramshaw Rocks. Here are some photos of our walk.

(The first photo appear mostly white in the top third because of how bright the sky was. I had only taken my phone and I couldn't get the balance right!)

It was rather windy up here!
Anneka's hoodie is from the race - the Meerbrook 15k -
that her dad organises

On the opposite side of the road from Ramshaw Rocks is a large MOD range (more information here), where live firing sometimes takes place. On a day where the red flags are flying (shown in the photo below) public access is strictly prohibited, even via the footpaths and bridleways that cross the land. It's quite amusing sometimes, as this area is frequented by tourists who are unaware of the reason for the red flags. When they are startled by a gunshot or some other similarly unsettling loud bang, a local usually explains what is going on. (It never gets old!) While we were walking, we could see some activity and did hear what was one of the loudest bangs I've heard from this area in quite a few years. There was nobody else around to hear it though, so at least I didn't have to go into the history of the area, as I wasn't really in the mood for conversation.

Don't get shot now!

This sort of thing really annoys me!

Tormentil (Potentilla erecta)
It's unusual to see slugs up here (or at least it is in my experience!) so I thought this one was worthy of a photograph.

Fortunately this particular gate springs back into
place, but this really needs fixing!

We spent a few minutes looking at this from various angles, wondering what on earth it was. After we got home, I did some research (i.e. I looked on Google for about 30 seconds!) and I'm fairly sure that it's an old, manual clay pigeon trap. There is a shooting club in a nearby village, but I don't think they use clays. I wonder where it came from and who carried it all the way up here?

We went through this gate. Well, I say we went through - we actually lifted out of the way as it was only attached by the hook on the right!

We also saw this feather, which I believe is from a pheasant. I can't say I've seen many around here, so this was a nice surprise!

On the way back, near our starting point, we also saw some yarrow (Achillea millefolium).

Although it was only a short walk, I really enjoyed it. Being in this area always clears my mind and helps me be better prepared for the day ahead. I'm really rather lucky to live so close to somewhere that has such a profound, positive effect on my mental wellbeing.

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