Night-time Garden Safari: November 2017

The cold nights are sending the garden to sleep...

This evening I've been outside, into the cold and rainy darkness, for another garden safari. On previous excursions, there has been lots of activity and therefore lots to see (and photograph!) Tonight though, it's almost entirely the opposite. It was raining and bitterly cold. It seems that winter is truly upon us - and what little wildlife there was tonight will soon be hiding away deep in the warmth of the soil.

There are still a few spider eggs dotted around - mainly attached to the window frames now, where there is some shelter from the elements. The first photo above is actually the only remaining cluster that was on a plant. It's attached to the underside of what is left of our purple sprout plants.

The rest of the wildlife was clinging to the garden wall, presumably looking for some respite from the cold, rainy weather we've had today. There was a solitary woodlouse:

A very tiny snail:

A moth caterpillar, which I suspect is the last of the cabbage moths:

And a slug:

And that is all there is! I even checked the places where we usually get some creatures in the day and night, and they were abandoned. I can understand this though - it's so cold at the moment it's even making me want to hibernate!

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