Rudyard Lake Fireworks 4th November 2017

An enjoyable evening with some great fireworks!

Yesterday evening we walked to Rudyard Lake to watch the firework display. There are lots of places to choose from locally, but this is the only one we've never been to before. It's a very easy walk along a now defunct railway line. The track is no longer there, but the route has been improved. It is now popular with lots of people, as it offers an easy way out of the town and into the countryside.

The event this year had a live band; some other entertainment; food and drink; and, of course, the fireworks! We weren't really interested in all of the other stuff, as its not really our sort of thing. We've been to displays before and gone early to take part in all of the festivities, but we've never enjoyed it. For this one, we decided to leave late so we'd arrive just before the fireworks start. We'd watch the fireworks and then walk back home.

When we arrived, we had a brilliant spot just after the bridge over the dam weir, but unfortunately Anneka had a panic attack. This meant we got away from the crowds until she was ok, and then returned. Sadly this also meant the we now only had a spot at the wrong end of the bridge, which meant we had tress partially blocking our view. It couldn't be helped though, and this spot allowed for a quick exit before the crowds started to leave.

The fireworks started more or less on time and were very good indeed! They were very loud - and so powerful we could actually feel the explosions! That's how fireworks should be as far as we're concerned. The only disappointing part were the gaps between each stage of the fireworks. The gaps varied from between 10 to 45 seconds, and we felt that it disrupted the flow. It also made it very difficult to tell when the show was actually over. Other than that, we really enjoyed ourselves and will probably go again next year. There's not really much else to say, so I'm just going to show you the photos I managed to take. There is a video at the end too!

Make sure you turn the sound up!
If you're interested, more information about Rudyard Lake can be found here.

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