The Problem With Veganism

The stereotype has to be challenged for the problem to end...

This post contains some strong language.

Something my partner showed me today has prompted this post. Ordinarily I'd ignore the largely ridiculous nature of the internet, but this has really made me laugh, bemused, and irritated in almost equal measure. She knew that I'd probably have a response to what she found - which I suspect is why she showed me in the first place!

There is an individual on Instagram called _iheartvegan_ who has posted a story on there today. In her series of short videos, she says that people should stop attacking people. Fair enough - nothing wrong with that statement. However... earlier in the series, she says "vegetarianism, when you know all that facts and you've still chosen to consume cheese and dairy and eggs, makes you a twat. It makes you a knob." Fair enough - I'm both a twat and a knob. That's fine by me. (One wonders what she thinks of people who choose to eat meat...) What I can't stand is someone who says "we should all stop attacking people", after she has done exactly that! As I suspect her video will vanish when it gets the inevitable negative attention it deserves, I recorded it on my phone. (The sound doesn't come on at the start because I had the Instagram app on mute. I fix that fairly quickly though - do not adjust your set!) Here it is for your enjoyment - or otherwise...

So, if I'm a happy twat of a vegetarian, what's the problem? Well, she (and others like her) are the problem. They are the stereotypical person that non-vegans think of when they think about veganism. Whenever people ask me about vegans, I always hear the same thing - "But they're just Neo-nazi militants who hate everyone who isn't vegan!" Well, no. Not all of them. Unfortunately a small, but rather vocal, minority - as with a lot of things - have managed to almost completely overshadow the large, very friendly and helpful, population. If she and others want people to become vegan, then calling them "twats" probably isn't the best way to go about it!

Fortunately, there are lots of people and organisations who understand that being nice to non-vegans is a far better way of educating. People assume that veganism is difficult, when it really isn't. (Unless you're a twat like me who refuses to give up dairy! Sorry vegans, but soya milk just doesn't cut it...) There are many things that are what's known as 'accidentally vegan'. That is to say things that aren't labelled as being vegan, or being deliberately promoted to vegans. So the chances are that you're already eating things regularly that just happen to be vegan!

For those who see vegans as the negative stereotype, here are some Twitter accounts which will help you understand that they're not all like the woman in the video*:

See? Lots of lovely people being lovely whilst also being vegan! I personally am trying to cut down the amount of dairy I consume, as it's just a good idea. The account above are helpful with that, and they understand and appreciate that I am not a vegan - and that I'm unlikely to become one in the near future. Check them out - they won't judge you, ridicule you, or call you names because of what you eat.

* This isn't a sponsored article - the author follows these accounts because they are nice, friendly people and organisations.

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