Vegan Adventures In Veggie Land: Part 5

Big news in veggie land...

In part 4 I teased that I had a big surprise for you all... Well, if you've been on my Twitter feed it won't be a surprise at all, but here goes anyway!

I've made my first permanent vegan switch!

Yep. That's right. I've ditched a certain dairy product. Permanently. Can you guess what it is? Hint: eyes left (or eyes up if you're on the mobile site!)

I saw this Alpro custard while I was buying the other Alpro things. At the time I didn't bother with it, as we have nothing to use it on. However, last week Anneka was given a few bramley apples, so she decided to make an apple crumble. While she was buying the other ingredients, she also bought this custard.

As with anything soya based, I wasn't going to get my hopes up. When I was presented with a portion of the apple crumble, complete with custard on top, I actually asked if she'd used the Alpro one! Visually, there is hardly any difference. It's yellow and looks like 'ordinary' custard. We usually (or rather we used to!) buy Ambrosia. The problem with that is there ends up being quite a lot of skin after it's left to cool for a minute - which is exactly why I'm not a particular fan of custard. With this vegan custard though, there was only a tiny amount of skin forming. This is a much needed improvement on other custards.

The taste was also excellent. There wasn't even the slightest hint of soya, and the vanilla flavour was strong, but not overwhelming or sickly. The texture was perfect - just runny enough to not be gloopy but not so thin that it didn't stick to our desert. Overall, we were rather impressed.

Then I looked up the price compared to Ambrosia. Upon seeing the cost difference, I loudly declared to Anneka that "You must never buy any other custard ever again! Not only is this as good as Ambrosia, but it's much bloody cheaper!" As you can see, it's 7.9p cheaper per 100g! That's quite a difference, especially when it's just as good a product! So with all these things combined, this has become our first permanent vegan switch! Well done Alpro!

The last item to feature in my vegan adventure is this. We've actually bought a few cartons of this now. We first tried it after someone recommended it as a good alternative to cows milk. It's from Sweden - they don't just do meatballs, blonde hair, Ikea and Volvo you know! And, as the name suggests, it's made from oats. So it's oat milk. Except, of course, that it isn't as they're not legally allowed to call it that. But I am - so I will! I tried this with a decidedly non-vegan breakfast cereal, because that's what I had open at the time. I have to say I couldn't tell the difference between this and cows milk when it's poured over this particular cereal. I've not tried it on anything else yet. You see, the only time I use milk is with cereal. Also, I'm more of a hot breakfast kind of guy, so I don't even use cows milk that often.

Anneka however uses cows milk regularly for breakfast, and in cups of tea and mugs of hot chocolate. She tried it in her morning porridge and actually prefers it! She tells me it makes it thicker, which she likes. She's also tried it in her afternoon cuppa and, although it took a few attempts to get the amount right for her taste, she says that it is also nice. I've not tried it yet on anything else - and I don't do hot drinks - so I'm reserving judgement until I've tried it a few more times. It's a promising start for this though!

And that's it. My five-part series on my vegan adventures has reached it's conclusion. It's been an interesting few weeks, with some very unpleasant moments, some mediocre ones, a couple of good ones, and one excellent surprise. I'll continue to try new vegan products as I find them - especially alternatives to cheese as that will be the most challenging. The biggest problem I think I'll find is having to go into the city for more variety. The city nearest me is, to put it politely, a bit of a dump. If I can avoid going there I will, but it's looking unlikely at the moment...

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