We Will Not Bow To Any Sponsor

(Or why we've decided to have advertising)

Having advertising on any site can be a controversial decision. Some sites get it right, with unobtrusive adverts that don't get in the way of the content. Some sites get it wrong - very wrong - with adverts that break up, or block, content completely. Some sites try to hide the adverts, by attempting to present them as part of the content. The worst offenders have video adverts that not only automatically play but which follow you as you scroll down the screen. (Those really annoy us here by the way!) So, what on earth are we doing with that box on the right of each page?!


Well, The Wax Picture is taking up rather more of our time than we expected it too. The number of visitors is increasing at a rate far faster than we anticipated. In fact, we fully expected that nobody would even bother coming here at all! However, according to our Google Analytics figures, over the last quarter our visitor numbers have risen by just over 900%, with the number of sessions rising by over 500%! We also have visitors from over 25 countries, speaking over 20 different languages. From these figures we clearly have something which is popular with people. If the site continues to grow even half as rapidly, it will quickly become something which requires our attention full-time. In anticipation of this, we knew that it would need to be an income generating venture in the future. Enter the advertising...

Our adverts

We decided that we'd very much like to be in the 'getting it right' category of sites with advertising. To do this, we needed adverts that would not detract from the content. The content should, of course, always be our primary focus. The adverts also needed to be prominently placed on the screen to make it worth bothering with at all. Our adverts are placed in the sidebar just below the 'Follow Us' section, and in the section below the content, on all versions of the site. Additionally, on the tablet and mobile versions of the site, you may see an advertising banner at the bottom of the screen. Below are some examples:

The 'sidebar' advertising on the desktop site

The 'below content' advertising on the desktop site

The 'sidebar' and 'banner' advertising on the mobile site 

The 'below content' and 'banner' advertising on the mobile site

The 'below content', 'sidebar', and 'banner' advertising on the tablet site

The 'below content' advertising, with an ad blocker enabled, on the mobile site

The 'sidebar' advertising, with an ad blocker enabled, on the mobile site
We have tested the advertising layout, and found that the above examples are both the most effective and least intrusive ways of doing this. The banner adverts both have a small cross in the top right which you can tap to close the advert. 

Ad blocking

Most ad blocking software will, naturally, block the adverts on our site. We'd really appreciate it if you would whitelist our site, to allow the adverts to appear. What we won't do is constantly pester you, or block your access to the content, to get you to do this. If you'd like help to whitelist our site, please let us know and we'll do all we can for you.

Our pledge

We thought it would be a good idea to have a pledge that you, our valued readers, could parrot back to us if (when?) we get it wrong. So here it is:

The Wax Picture Advertising Pledge

We promise that:
  • Our advertising will be unobtrusive
  • Our advertising will not block your access to the content
  • Our advertising will be compatible with ad blocking software
  • Our advertising will not promote hate, discrimination or violence
  • Our advertising will not promote activities which involve inhumane acts towards animals
  • Our advertising will not promote any food products which are not suitable for vegetarians and/or vegans
  • Where our readers alert us to an advert which they believe violates this pledge, we will investigate and take appropriate action

Thank you

We'd like to say thank you for reading this post. Thank you. We hope you continue enjoying The Wax Picture and that you now understand our position on advertising.

We really do appreciate every one of our readers.

Thanks again,

Editor-in-Chief, Alan

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