A Wintery Canal Walk

A short walk after the snow

After Friday's snow, we decided to go for a short walk (around three miles from our house and back) along the nearby canal, to the tunnel and back, before we had lunch. We were hoping for lots of snow which would cover at the grass and the trees. Although it had been snowing on and off all day, it wasn't very heavy and not much had actually stuck. Sadly this made our walk a little disappointing! There's not really much to say about it, so here are a few photos, taken on the way home.

Shortly after the following two photos were taken, we had a brief snowball fight! (Which I won!)

Have a close look at the photo below... Can you see something sitting on the bridge?

It's a tiny little snowman! Two boys had been playing in the fields on the opposite side of the canal as we were walking to the tunnel. On the way back, they were gone but this little guy was sat here! We thought it was brilliant!

Hopefully we'll have lots more and deeper snow sometime before Christmas!

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