Garden Macro Photography: December 2017

A few quick macro snapshots of our garden

It snowed a little bit overnight here, so today I thought I'd go into our garden with my cheap macro lens and take a few quick photos. Most of them were terrible (and therefore got deleted!) - but that's my fault. I have a mild tremor and couldn't be bothered to use a tripod! Some of the photos, like the cotoneaster berry above, came out quite good, and others will just about do for my first time! As always, you can click (or tap) on any of the photos to enlarge them.

The following three photos are of the glass stones in our insect feeder:

Some bird seed under the snow

A piece of bark mulch

Buds on the Japanese maple. This was the least blurry
of the photos of this that I took!

The reflection of our house is visible in the water

I have learned two very important things today. Firstly, a tripod is very important when taking macro photographs - especially if you have a tremor! Secondly, it's also a good idea to use a remote release to minimise camera shake. I've enjoyed taking these photos, even if they aren't all that good, so I'm going to make this a monthly thing. It'll be interesting to see what I can capture (and what creatures will stay still while I shoot them!) and how my macro photography progresses through 2018.

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