Night-time Garden Safari: December 2017

A cold and silent night in the garden

It is now bitterly cold outside, and our garden has more or less gone to sleep at night. I wasn't expecting much, and I wasn't sure if it was worth bothering, but here is December's garden safari!

This caterpillar is one of the winter moth (Operophtera brumata) - no prizes for guessing why it has that name! Usually seen in winter, it is a voracious predator of almost anything with leaves. From apple and pear trees, to oak and sycamore, via roses and elms, almost nothing is safe! This moth is actually the only new thing in our garden this time around.

There are, of course, still lots of spider eggs around the garden and by the windows. Still, we've seen very few in the house this year - which as an arachnophobe, I'm very happy about! The eggs are by our back windows, on the shed, and on what little is left of our purple sprout plants (earlier in the year these were decimated by large and small white butterfly caterpillars, along with some cabbage moth caterpillars!)

There was also this empty snail shell. I assume the birds have eaten the snail that used to call it home.

The container pond is now completely frozen over. There are some nice patterns in the ice, but it was difficult to get a photo of them.

That's all from my night-time garden safari, until the new year. I'll be back at the end of Janurary with another post. Hopefully as 2018 goes on, things will be more interesting!

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