Garden Macro Photography: January 2018

I used a tripod this time!

Actually, that's not entirely true - I used two tripods! One large one to take photos of the taller plants, and one small flexible one to take photos of the smaller plants and shoots. I think my photos are much better this time! I will confess to having taken nearly 400 photos, just to get 25 good ones... You see, it's been rather windy out, and my SLR is old so only has a tiny LCD screen. That combination makes it very difficult to tell if the shot is in focus when it's a macro photograph! As my camera will effortlessly take multiple shots of the same subject, it makes sense to use the function! As always, you can click (or tap) any photo to enlarge it.

This, and the first photo, are winter flowering pansies
that we currently have in the garden.
The edges of the remains of the sprouts plants are still being eaten!

The glass pebbles in the insect watering station:

A leaf from the one of the penstemon plants:

Some shots of the heather, which is growing nicely:

Leaves of one of the euonymus fortunei 'emerald and gold' that we have in the garden:

One of the herbs we grow for our cooking is rosemary:

A bud from the azelea japonica:

A seed pod from the lupin:

The first crocus shoots of the year:

A seed head from the aster:

A berry from the cotoneaster:

I can't wait unti the winter is over and spring and summer come along! There's not much different to photograph in the garden at the moment!

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