Night-time Garden Safari: January 2018

Slugs. Lots of slugs.

There is, as you'd expect, not a lot going on in my garden at night in January. However, despite the freezing cold, I ventured out again to see what I could find - which was basically lots of slimy things! Slugs! They weren't the only things out tonight though... (But I'll start with them!)

Tonight, they were mostly feeding on our primroses, although I did see a couple of the remains of our nasturtium:

One of our primroses has already started to flower! I think the plants have gone a bit loopy, as they're all seemingly early this year! Just above the flower in the photo below, is a tiny snail.

I saw a moth caterpillar:

Here are what is left of our sprout plants. We wont be eating them as they are really no good for that now, but they provide a source of food for the wildife.

I also took a quick look at the container pond. The little turrets are still there, and seem to be slightly larger than before, but no sign of life tonight. (The light in the bottom right corner is the reflection of the little torch I use to light up my subjects!)

There were still some spider eggs on the walls. We've been really very lucky this year, as we've not seen any in the house! It's amazing considering all the eggs that are all over the walls!

Just left of centre in this photo is a tiny spider. The source of the light is our security light.

And to brighten up what would otherwise be a very green, black and and brown post, here's a pansy!

I have to admit that I'm getting a bit fed up of winter now! The garden is so boring at this time of year! I can't wait until the springtime when it starts to burst into more varied life again!

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