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A few days ago, I decided that it might be nice to feature some recipes on the site. After all, everyone loves food, right?! Initially it was going to be called 'Recipes' because that's what it would be about. However, although we sometimes share the cooking duties, it is my wonderful partner Anneka who cooks most of our main meals. As such, I've decided to name this section Anneka's Kitchen, in honour of her.

We have lots of recipe books on a dedicated bookcase in the kitchen. They're mostly vegetarian, with a couple of vegan ones. There are also some non-veggie ones which we've had for years. Anything out of these we simply replace the meat with vegetables or something like Quorn. We also have a handmade spice rack on the wall, capable of holding 28 jars of various herbs and spices. It's full, so we'll have to track down the man who makes them and get him to make us a bigger one!

Most of the recipes here will be from those books, some from online sources, some we put together ourselves. We never stick rigidly to a recipe, as we find it never quite works as it should. As such, we tweak and alter them to suit our liking! Only the best of the things we cook will be featured here! Most of the time, I'll be Anneka's Sous Chef (I'm a dab hand with a big sharp knife!) whilst arranging and photographing the ingredients and the finished dishes. Sometimes (but not very often!) I'll be cooking and doing the photography too. Except for onions. I have incredibly sensitive eyes at the best of times - and I simply cannot handle onions. Anneka will always chop the onions.

I hope you enjoying the recipes I share with you, and hopefully you'll be inspired to cook some at home! If you do try them, please let me know what you thought by commenting on the recipe page! Happy cooking!

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