Birdwatching: 2017

A roundup of some of our feathered friends

2017 was a great year for birdwatching in our home, so I thought I'd do a post of some photos of the birds that I've seen. All of these were taken from my office, where my desk is perfectly positioned to allow me to work and see the wildlife! Not all the photos are brilliant - moving targets, plus a 300mm lens on full zoom, plus the mild tremor of the photographer does not equal sharp photos - but you'll get a sense of what I can see from my office and what we have in our garden! All of the photos are unedited. I also don't have photos for every month, I expect because I was too busy at the time. This is a very long post, but it's mostly just photos! You can, as always, click (or tap!) a photo to enlarge it.




This just melts my heart!


This pigeon was pecking at the plastic tube trying to get to the seeds!
This went on for a full 45 minutes! 


It's sparrowhawk time! This wonderful bird had visited our garden a couple of weeks before these photos - but only for about 10 seconds. This time it stayed in our neighbours garden for about 10 minutes!

Five jackdaws and a pigeon - this happens fairly often!
Taken zoomed in on my phone, hence the poor quality!




This is the first time we've had long tailed tits in the garden!
We get at least one new species a year, so I was
really happy about seeing these!

As you can see, we've got a great garden for birds! This year we're hoping to increase the biodiversity by adding a garden pond. Hopefully this will attract more wildlife into our garden, and therefore more of our beautiful feathered friends!

What did you see in your garden last year?

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