A Lovely Canal Walk to the Pub and Back

A lovely walk to a lovely pub for lunch

Just under a month ago, we went for a walk along the canal to go for lunch at our favourite pub, The Hollybush in Denford. It's a walk we do fairly regularly, although we don't always stop at the pub. It's quite funny really (at least for us!) because if I say "Pub!" to Anneka, this is where we go. This is what happened on this day. I was, for no particular reason, feeling a little 'meh', so we decided the walk would do me good. At first, we got about half a mile from home and I couldn't be bothered, but I carried on anyway.

When we got to the pub, we both had a cheese baguette and chips, with a coke. I know it doesn't sound like anything special, but they really do it well. Simple pub food with none of this gastro-pub nonsense. We sat by the log fire, surrounded by pleasant company and generally just enjoying ourselves. I was still feeling 'meh' so I didn't take any photos on the way there, or while we were having lunch. I'd cheered up a bit on the way back though, so took a few.

These ducks started swimming over to us as we walked. Once they realised we had nothing for them, they were soon off!

There was a lot of lichen on the trees, but this was the most interesting by far. I love the way it's creeping out, as if it's (very) slowly coming to get you! I'm no good with identifying lichen, and my nature books only have a couple of pages (and no pictures of this one!) so I don't know what it is. If anyone knows, feel free to comment!

We took a photo of each other:

Just at the entrance to the tunnel, we saw this dead bream. What we don't know is how it died. I'd hope just from natural causes, but this stretch of the canal does get some careless anglers along it, so that's another possibility.

That was a rather sad ending to our walk, as there was nothing else of interest (at least nothing new anyway) along the rest of our walk. I find a walk usually does me good, and this was no exception. We both can't wait for it to be warmer though!

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