A Busy Time

Explaining my absence, with a brief round up!

The more eagle-eyed amongst my readers might have noticed that I've been persona in absentia here over the last fortnight. It's simply because I have had a lot on in 'real life'. I've been very busy with our home, carrying out odd jobs here and there. I've been working almost non-stop in the day with various clients, and driven some considerable miles due to that. I've also installed a new garden pond, been struggling a little with my mental health, and gotten behind with my university studies.

However I am, for now at least, all caught up! Although I've been active on social media (my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts can be found at the bottom of the page! *hint*) a lot of that has been automated in order to continue to grow this blog. Here is a round up of what I've been up to, for those that are interested! (The photo is just a random one I chose from our garden.)


From the middle of March, I've been really busy with clients. Visiting their locations, advising them, providing auditing services, and lots of other things. This has meant a lot of driving and a lot of miles covered. In between this and everything else, I've continued to draft posts, but haven't got around to publishing them yet. At the end of most days, I've just been so tired I've ended up slumped on my Lay-Z-Boy, stuffed my face and watched television.

Home Life

We have a lovely home, and one where we both feel safe and comfortable. However, it's not perfect. We have vile neighbours who have to be the most inconsiderate selfish individuals I've ever met. They don't stop shouting, arguing, banging around, winding their dog up and having their TV on so loud we know exactly what they're watching, until gone midnight most days. The TV problem is so bad that we can mute ours, turn to the channel they have on, and watch the program on mute without missing a bloody thing. When you have to be up at 6am, you can imagine the effect that has...

I've also had some odd jobs to do, like having the bathroom fan and basin waste replaced which have taken up my time. I've also had to repaint the entire bathroom ceiling. The previous owner had only put a thin layer of cheap paint on, which was never going to last. I bought a specialist moisture and mould resistant paint (as those things are an issue when you have a downstairs bathroom!) and spent a day stripping the ceiling, sealing the plaster, and repainting. It looks great and should last for a long time. I've also installed a new garden pond, done some planting (which I'll be blogging about separately at some stage) and refreshed our herb garden.

Mental Health

I've not had an easy time recently with my mental health. I'll probably blog about that in more detail soon, but for now I'll simply say I've been tired; stressed; low; angry; bemused; and wondering why people are the way they are.

We've also had some, quite frankly, ridiculous family stuff going on which has led me to remove someone from my life. That has been a little stressful, but it needed to be done. I'm all the better for it too.


All of the above has led me to being somewhat being on my studies. In fact, at the end of March, I was approximately four weeks behind. I decided to take some time away to focus on my studies, and the assignment that I have a week allocated to write. I'm all caught up now and I'll be able to submit my assignment on time.


So that's it! It's been a very busy time over the last few months which culminated in me needing some alone time to heal, sleep, and catch up. I've got plenty to blog about and lots of drafts to complete!

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