30 Days Wild: Prelude

Let the preparation begin!

A little while ago, I signed up to take part in 30 Days Wild. Run by the Wildlife Trusts, it's a yearly challenge that encourages people to carry out one 'Random Act of Wildness' every day for the whole of June. The idea behind it is to get more people connected to nature.

I'd heard about it last year, but a few months after it had finished. When the time came to sign up this year, I didn't hesitate! However, I'm not one for doing things randomly, so I've actually started planning some of the things I'll be doing.

I'll definitely by counting my 'Night-time Garden Safari' as one of the things, along with my 'Garden Macro Photography'. I plan on doing some walking and noticing nature while I'm on a walk. I'll also more than likely be doing some gardening. The pack that is sent out comes with some ideas to help you along, so I'll probably use that for some inspiration.

I've decided that I'll write a blog post for every single day. Although I expect these will be much shorter than my usual posts, hopefully they will contain a few photos and help inspire others to stay wild! If you'd like to sign up for this (it's not too late!) then follow this link!

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