30 Days Wild: Day 1

Splish-splash, it's a bird bath!

Today is the start of 30 Days Wild! The idea is that you carry out a 'Random Act of Wildness' every day throughout June, in order to get more connected to nature. It's a great idea! This year is the first time I'm joining in as, believe it or not, it's the first time I've heard about it! Quite startling really when I think about it!

Today was already going to be a very busy day for me, so I only managed to get out into our garden. We have a bird bath that was level when I installed it, but as the rain (and blackbirds!) came, it had become slanted slightly, making it difficult for the birds to use.

Today I went outside and levelled the ground underneath (I even used my long spirit level!), then repositioned it and filled it with rainwater from our waterbutt. (It is level - it's just the photo makes it look wonky!) After I'd done this, I watered the new plants and then something moving caught my eye...

At first, I thought it was one of our resident froggies but, upon closer inspection, it is a new one! As regular readers (and visitors to my Instagram page) will know, we now have three frogs in our pond - one female and two males. Well, this one is smaller than all three of those! I think it's a juvenile from earlier this year. We had a froglet appear shortly after installing the pond, and I think it would be about this size by now. So in all, we now have four frogs in our pond! We only finished it at the start of April!

I'm so happy we have yet another frog! I do hope that our pond won't get too crowded though! Tomorrow I have something slightly longer planned for 30 Days Wild, but that's subject to the weather!

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