30 Days Wild: Day 10

Lupins, bees, and what I did with the bulbs

Day 10 of 30 Days Wild follows on from yesterday. As you will remember, I'd dug up some grape hyacinth bulbs that were under the gravel in our front garden, then put weed membrane down and put the gravel back. This was to make the area look tidier and ensure we didn't walk over any flowers (although grape hyacinths were the only things growing through the gravel!) The photo below was the result:

I was also left with a pot full of bulbs:

Now, I know some people won't be particularly happy with someone who digs up bulbs as part of 30 Days Wild, but I had a plan! Originally, I was supposed to be doing this yesterday, but after moving all that gravel around in full sun, I was knackered frankly. So today I replanted the bulbs! Yep, I'm not a terrible human being, as the plan was only to relocate the bulbs!

There are a few patches in the garden that are bereft of any plants, and I've been meaning to fill the spaces with early spring bulbs for a while. Today that finally happened! Below are a few before and during photos - there didn't seem to be any point doing an 'after' photo as the area will look the same until next spring!

I had more than enough bulbs to fill three patches in the front garden, so I've also put some bulbs in the pots at the front, as well as in all of our hanging baskets, and even above #projectHome in the back garden!

I also sowed some more sweet pea seeds at the base of our climbing frame. I had some in pots in our greenhouse, but they never germinated, which I'm really unhappy about. Hopefully these will do better straight in the ground. We had a gorgeous display last year the we received lots of compliments for:

Once I'd planted the bulbs I had a look around to see what was going on in our garden. Some of the lupin flowers have gone to seed. I'll be gathering these up and perhaps sow them next spring so we have more in the garden. I like these plants, and we've waited for two years for this to eventually flower!

While I was photographing the seed pods, a bee was happily buzzing around me, collecting pollen from the flowers. I managed to get a couple of photos:

The only major problem with today is that I'll have to wait almost an entire year to see the results of my efforts! Gardening makes a person incredibly patient!

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