30 Days Wild: Day 11

Hayfever strikes!

Day 11 of 30 Days Wild hasn't been as good as I would have liked. I suffer from hayfever every year, but so far this is the worst yet. The medication I'm using isn't working - at all. Medication doesn't usually help much, but this year it's so bad I'm booked in to see my doctor.

Because of how bad it is today I've been stuck inside since I got home from seeing clients all day. That hasn't stopped me from doing something nature-y though! I've sat in my office and stood in my kitchen watching the birds in my back garden. (Please excuse the crappy photos - my eyes are watering and I was taking these through the window!)

The only thing I could capture were the blackbirds. The sparrows were in and out of the garden too, but not for long enough for me to snap them.

I also noticed this bee moving from plant to plant (it's almost right in the centre of the photo - if you zoom in you should see it!):

Rather annoyingly, a dove arrived shortly after I'd taken the photo above. As always though, this most skittish of birds flew off as soon as I looked at my camera!

Today hasn't been a great day for me as far as the project goes, but nevermind. I've already got a brief dash into the garden planned for tomorrow, just in case the weather is the same. I really want to avoid it all (or even mostly) being about my garden, so hopefully my doctor can give me something a little stronger!

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