30 Days Wild: Day 13

It's macro photography time!

So it's day 13 of 30 Days Wild already! Can you believe we're almost half-way through?! Sadly, my hayfever is still terrible, although not as bad as yesterday - I have stocked up on tablets, eye drops and nasal sprays! So far, they're all not really working as well as I'd like, but combined they make life a little more bearable than yesterday - just...

When I told you I was taking part, I mentioned that my macro photography would probably feature at some point. Well, that's today! I managed 45 minutes in the garden today!

The main photo is of the first flower from our Erigeron 'Pink Jewel' plant. Below is one of the flowers on our lupin:

That's all for my macro photos for this post - I'll be blogging in more detail about the rest at a later date. But before I go... Take a look at this:

By now, I'm sure that you know that I like our frogs! But they've been missing for about two weeks now! I was beginning to get really worried and upset, as I've seen a nuisance neighbourhood cat skulking around by the pond... However, as I was trying to take some macro photos of the pond life, she appeared! She's alone sadly, but if she's back then there's hope that the two adult males and one juvenile frog will return at some stage! I was so excited when I saw her! (She didn't want to surface for a closeup though!)

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