30 Days Wild: Day 14

Landscapes, sheep and foxgloves

I've had a very busy day today visiting various client's sites so, after I got home, for day 14 of 30 Days Wild I ventured out to The Roaches. It's my favourite place and I always go there when I'm feeling stressed or need to be at peace. This evening was a beautiful one, so I got some great photos. I also had a little of my long lost faith in human kindness restored!

The view towards Tittesworth

Hen Cloud

Five Clouds
While I was taking some photos, the sheep and lambs were grazing nearby. Despite all the visitors this nature reserve gets, the lambs were very skittish, and wouldn't allow me to get close enough for a good photo. This is a good thing though, as it means they will also be wary of predators - such as dogs whose owners can't be bothered to act responsibly...

There were foxgloves growing here:

I also took a couple of photographs of the new(ish) post that has been installed. Ok, so it was installed a few years ago, but I very rarely come this way onto The Roaches as it's usually quite busy and I prefer the less touristy not-so-well-trodden paths! A Thursday evening is perfect, as there was hardly anyone around - though had I arrived a little later there would have been lots of cross-country runners because there was an event on.

As I made my way back through the gate, I noticed something...

Given that there are so many fine craftsmen around, I was a little disappointed that Staffordshire Wildlife Trust had chosen to use a company so far away. Had this had been made locally, the carpenter could have used it to promote their business, which would probably bring more money into the local economy.

After I'd had a little bit of time to relax and reset, I decided to get myself an ice-cream and stay for five minutes more. When I got to the ice-cream van (which was still there later than usual because of the event) disaster! He asked me what I'd like and I said I'd have to go without! I thought I had some change in my wallet - which I hardly ever have as I'm all about the tech! Realising I didn't have the change, the very nice and generous and lovely and wonderful (!!!) ice-cream man offered me an ice-cream for free! How amazing is that?!

Fair enough, it would probably only be a few pence worth of stock to him but, to me, it was a moving and unexpected gesture of kindness. I'd have a really stressful few days, and being here and enjoying the simple pleasure of an ice-cream was all I needed for that to melt away.

I wonder if he realises how moved I was by that...

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