30 Days Wild: Day 15

Yet another day in the garden!

For day 15 of 30 Days Wild, I stayed in my garden. I am getting a little fed up of my garden posts for this project, but it's been a very long and stressful week and I'm tired!

The bird feeders needed filling, as chicks have started to fledge - except for the sparrows, which arrived in the garden later than usual but looking more grown up than usual, which is just bizarre! This means that our feeders are emptying fast!

I've layered the seed feeders with some mixed seeds, mealworms, and then topped that off with some sunflower hearts. The birds love the mealworms, so they'll really have to work hard to earn their tasty grubby reward! They've also had some (air-popped, completely plain and bird-safe) popcorn!

The jackdaws arrived and looked thoroughly annoyed that their beloved fat ball feeder was empty, so I filled that up too (then they came back later and ate the popcorn instead!):

I also noticed this growing between the gaps in the stones around the pond:

Anneka and I sowed some seeds here when I installed the pond, but I can't remember what they were! I'm really looking forward to seeing what this turns out to be!

The penstemon 'Pensham Amelia Jayne' has its first buds, as well as some cuckoo spit. We seem to have lots of cuckoo spit in the garden this year, which (hopefully) will mean lots of froghoppers soon!

I was in the garden for only about 15 minutes, but I enjoyed my brief time in nature today. But wait! Just like a really terrible infomercial, there's more! As I was sat in my office typing this, we had some juvenile blue tits visit our garden! They're the first ones we've seen this year, and it made me so happy! (The photos are a little dull, but I was shooting in fading daylight and through my office window.)

Although nature is a little behind schedule still this year, I'm so happy to see the wildlife in our garden. What I'd really like now is something brand new that we've never had before!

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