30 Days Wild: Day 16


It's day 16 and we're now past the halfway point of 30 Days Wild! We went for a short, easy walk today not for walking's sake, but to see what wildlife we could see. We were not disappointed at all! As always, you can click or tap the photos to enlarge them. (I'll be blogging about today in more detail as a separate post, as I'm pushed for time as we're off out for a family meal shortly.)

We walked along an old railway line to some woodland, hoping that we would see various wonderful creatures. The walk isn't too far from our home and is very flat, so we would have plenty of time to hang around looking at nature.

We saw a male large red damselfly (main image), and male common blue damselfly (below), and a yellow dragonfly of some description. I couldn't identify the dragonfly as it wouldn't stay still - at all! I chased the blue damselfly around for about 10 minutes trying to get a photo!

I did just about manage to get a photo of the dragonfly - but I bet nobody can identify it! It really is a stunning photo though, I'm sure you'll all agree!

The dragonfly is that yellow blur in the middle-right!
We really enjoyed today thanks to these colourful creatures!

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