30 Days Wild: Day 18

Yet more garden time...

On day 18 of 30 Days Wild I was pressed for time, so I only managed to get as far as our garden. I'd really rather go a bit further, but it's all I could manage. Still, it's better than nothing!

Most of the flowers on the lupin have turned to seed pods, so I started by checking on them to see if any were ready to collect. At the moment, they're still very green so I think it will be at least another couple of weeks. When they start to rattle, I'll collect the seeds and store them in the shed, ready for sowing in the autumn (for spring flowers) and next spring (for late summer flowers). I'll probably also give some away, as there are lots!

The bluebells have all got seed pods on them, but they seem to be taking a long time to dry out. When they are ready, I plan to collect some seeds to put at the back of the garden (just behind The Roaches) and I'll let the rest fall where they are.

The hemerocallis is growing nicely. Hopefully this year it will flower - it hasn't done so in the three years it's been in the garden...

I noticed the first buds on the leucanthemum:

The rose has produced another flower - albeit one which is far too large for the stem!

I also had a quick check on the radish plant in our greenhouse. Out of all the vegetable seeds we've sown this year, it was the only one which was doing anything. However... It's gone leggy and started to flower, which I'm pretty sure means we have a 100% failure rate for our crops this year. I'm really disappointed with this, as last year we have some lovely cucumbers (but not much else...) Perhaps I just can't grow veg?!

There was a snail mooching around in the tub. I moved it outside onto the dying primroses, in a desperate and probably futile attempt to save our radish leaves from being eaten!

I have to admit that this is more difficult than I was expecting. Not getting out into nature - that's easy - but finding something different to do for 30 Days Wild. I mostly seem to be walking or in my garden. Still, the idea is to get people out into nature more and that is what I'm doing.

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