30 Days Wild: Day 19

Life on the rocks

For day 19 of 30 Days Wild, I decided to go up to The Roaches again in the evening. I came here five days ago for day 14, but didn't have enough time to stay for long. This evening though, I was here for around two hours or so.

I'd had a very stressful couple of days dealing with some recent changes in my life. The changes are positive, but I'm not very good with change. This had left me mentally fatigued, so I decided to blow the cobwebs away up here. I certainly managed that! When is it ever not windy on Five Clouds?!

There are a lot of photos, so I'll try to keep the commentary to a minimum.

It was an oddly bright but overcast and gloomy evening:

In the centre of the photo below is the Lovell telescope at Jodrell Bank. It's the third largest steerable radio telescope in the world! It's roughly 14 miles to there, as the crow flies, from where I was standing.

Bosley tower:


The rocks:

Doxey pool:

I took my DSLR with me, as well as my filters. For the next photo of Tittesworth, I tried my warming and soft focus filters. (It's the 70's porn effect hahaha - but I'm not sure it works with landscapes!)

I messed around with my various filters for a while, but I don't think they really do this can of landscape any justice, so I put them away.

Looking over the landscape I could hear the soft, almost mournful, burbling of a curlew. It's a beautifully haunting sound:

There was lots of cotton grass around, and the high winds made it very difficult to photograph!

As bizarre as it sounds, in the what must be hundreds of times I've been here, I've never taken a photo of this rock! I rectified that this evening:

More rocks:

This tree (or what's left of it) has been here for some time, and I always stop to admire it:

Tittesworth again:

The Queen's seat:

Heading towards the step steps:

Now to walk down them:

The view up from the bottom:

Bloody tree-huggers everywhere!

This signpost is next to the gate for the Don Whillans Memorial Hut, to remind people which way to walk:

I love it up here. It's such a breathtaking area. There were very few people around, but not too many (which is usually the case when it's a windy evening.) I received some strange looks as I just stood there for ages staring into the distance, my mind completely at peace.

If you're ever this way, I'd highly recommend you visit and do the same...

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