30 Days Wild: Day 24

Filling the waterbutt with tap water...

I've had another busy day so, for day 24 of 30 Days Wild, I only managed to get as far as the garden. There's a lot happening in our garden at the moment as far as the flowers go. Almost everything is blooming now, and the things that aren't yet are growing in preparation for their time.

When I went outside, I noticed how blue the sky was and how visible the moon was. It's still a little strange to see the moon in such a blue sky late in the evening!

The hard rush is growing well in the pond:

The penstemon flowers are coming along:

The leucanthemum is also doing well:

These flowers are going to all be gone soon, as they're nearly at their maximum height. As each set of petals falls away, the stem extends a little, then produces another flower!

Our pond was a little low, because of evaporation, so I topped it up from what little rainwater we had left in the waterbutt. Then I refilled the waterbutt with tap water! I know that seems counter-intuitive, but it's unlikely to rain for a while and I'll probably need to top the pond up before we have a decent rainfall. I can't top it up straight from the tap, as the minerals and chemicals in the water will upset the delicate balance, so this is the next best option. Left for a few days (and helped along with a natural treatment agent) this water will be suitable to top up the pond when the need arises. It's not ideal, but it's the best way at the moment.

Shortly after I'd topped the pond up, our resident female frog appeared to see what was going on:

I'm really enjoying our garden at the moment, so I'll be rather sad when winter arrives and everything dies back...

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