30 Days Wild: Day 25

Mindfulness in our garden...

For day 25 of 30 Days Wild, I decided I'd sit in our garden after 9pm - when it was still ridiculously sunny but not too hot - and practise a little mindfulness.

Mindfulness, for those who don't know (and I have to confess I needed to Google this just to be sure!), is basically making an effort to notice life in the present moment. You can find more information here.

First, I noticed the patterns of the clouds in the beautiful blue sky (main photo.) Then, I watched and listened to the swifts screaming their way over my head:

After that, I noticed the juvenile frog that has appeared in the pond. I'm not sure yet if it's a resident, as we don't see it that often:

But, above all these, I paid particular attention to something rather special in our garden. It was perched delicately atop our furniture...

Lovely and refreshing!

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