30 Days Wild: Day 3

Creating a wildflower patch

For day three of 30 Days Wild, I decided to create a small wildflower patch. Actually, I decided to create two! Fortunately, as well as the one paper packet I received in my pack, another one had managed to sneak in!

We have an area of the garden, above 'The Roaches' where very little grows. The combination of lots of hedges, very little sunlight and dry soil makes it difficult for anything but weeds to grow. To me, this seems like a perfect place to try for a wildflower patch. Wildflowers are pretty resilient, so hopefully something will grow other than the usual weeds! I planted the patch at the back of the garden first:

Then I planted the second:

I loosely covered the second patch with bits of bark chippings that haven't quite mulched down yet. I'm hoping that this will keep the birds away from the seeds for long enough for them to germinate and grow a little.

Once I'd done that, I decided to see how our new plants were doing. While I was checking, I realised that the grape hyacinths which were producing seeds, were now ready for the seeds to be harvested. As we have plenty of the bulbs anyway, I decided rather than leave them where they were, I'd plant the new seeds at the very back of our garden too. They might not flower for a couple of years (as they tend to take a long time from seed) but in the meantime, the leaves will grow and cover the ground at the end of winter next year. This will help with water retention in the soil and, hopefully, provide a more fertile area to plant things in!

I'm not sure what I'm going to do tomorrow, as I have a very busy day. I'll think of something!

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