30 Days Wild: Day 4

Strategic cabbaging!

I can't believe it's the fourth day of 30 Days Wild already! It seems to be going so fast! Today, I carried out some strategic cabbaging!

Last year, I sowed some sprouts and they grew far more rapidly than we were expecting. They also attracted large and small white butterflies (and their larvae) as well as a range of different moths! Needless to say, they were no good to eat after the swarm.

This year we’ve only seen one large white, and nothing else so far. I know nature is still half asleep, so I thought I’d give it a nudge. The sprouts will hopefully attract the butterflies once again. The cabbages are to distract the pigeons and jackdaws while the sprouts grow. We planted some cabbages a couple of years ago, and once they had reached the fairly mature seedling stage, they were eaten. Hopefully they sprouts will manage to survive this period, as they grow slower than cabbages.

The photo above is of where I’ve planted the sprouts. It’s an area that the bigger birds stay away from, as there isn’t a quick escape of a predator arrives. I’ve planted the cabbages in more or less any space we’ve got between our plants!

Tomorrow I have something a little larger planned, that will (hopefully) require a separate post from the 30 Days Wild series!

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