30 Days Wild: Day 5

Rescuing a lesser stag beetle from a rampaging mob!

For the fifth day of 30 Days Wild, I went to Trentham Gardens. It's not somewhere I'd normally go, as it costs £12 to get in. I remember coming here occasionally as a child, and later on with a previous partner, when it was free. I don't mind paying an admission fee, but for what it is the charge is extortionate. However, today Anneka was running the Race for Life 5k and part of that was free entry for spectators! Originally I wasn't going to go, but I wanted something different from our local area, so Anneka convinced me to tag along.

As running really isn't my thing (nor is standing around waiting to shout "Keep going!" at a single person amongst over 2,000 runners - like she wouldn't know to do that anyway!) I decided to take my camera and go for a wander around the lake before the race started, and then explore the Italian Gardens once the race was underway. I'll write a full-length post about the evening later, but for now here a just a couple of photos.

The squirrel above was one of two I saw towards the start of my walk. It sat there happily munching away, whilst letting me get close enough to get this photo. Not as close as I'd like mind you - I still had my long zoom lens on at the full 300mm for this! About two-thirds of the way around, I saw this lesser stag beetle crawling on the path - right where the runners would shortly be! I had enough time to switch to my macro lens, get this photo, switch lenses back, and then pick the beetle up and put it back into the woodland where it would be safe!

In the Italian Gardens, I took a couple of quick snaps of one of the fountains. I love the different patterns I captured! Here is just one of them (I'll post the rest on a full post):

It was nice to go somewhere different for day 5, but I wouldn't pay to go here! I have no idea what I'm going to do for day 6 tomorrow, and I'm really trying to avoid just going into my garden all the time!

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