30 Days Wild: Day 7

Making rainbows!

Welcome to day 7 of 30 Days Wild! I've had a busy morning today and didn't get home until 1pm - some two hours later than I expected. I already had a plan for today, because of something I'd seen in our garden about a week ago. Last week we had our first goldfinches of the year! We've had these visit every year now for three years. They never stay long though and that day was no exception. They sat in the garden for a minute and then flew away.

When I got home I went to buy some nyjer seeds. Goldfinches really love these, and although we bought a special feeder last year, they never really used it. Probably because we left it until a bit late in the year. Now that we know they're back, I've filled the feeder and hung it in place of one of the fat ball feeders (because we don't really need two of those at this time of year.) Hopefully over the next few weeks the goldfinches will discover it and use it.

Once I'd finished hanging that, and filling the rest of the feeders, I noticed a butterfly landing on our hedge. This is a speckled wood (Pararge aegeria) butterfly. When I saw it something seemed different about this one -  it's because it's our first one of these! I think it might have been attracted to the various grasses which are growing in our garden. I hope it returns soon!

I love it when new things visit (or move into) our garden! It makes me so happy, and I'm glad our nature garden is having a positive effect on our suburban area. Most people around here prefer fences as hedges are "too time-consuming and annoying", and lots of people have multiple clothes lines which makes it difficult for the birds to fly around the gardens. Many people have flowers in their garden simply because "they look pretty", but don't realise how their choices can impact the local wildlife. I'm glad that we are creating (as it's still a work in progress even after all of these years) a haven for nature!

Once the butterfly had fluttered away, I cleaned and refilled the bird bath and watered the garden. I had to use the hose for this, as there has been barely any rain for ages and our waterbutt is virtually empty. It's typical isn't it? I buy a waterbutt so we can use rainwater, and then it doesn't bloody rain! Watering in the afternoon isn't ideal, but the garden is desperate for water and I couldn't do it this morning. All the plants have had a really good soak, so it will help them grow regardless. While I was watering, I noticed that I was creating a rainbow (the top photograph)! I've probably over-watered 'The Roaches' because I was standing there just admiring the rainbow I was creating! Oh well!

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