30 Days Wild: Day 8

Don't cut the verges!

For day 8 of 30 Days Wild, I didn't even go outdoors! I couldn't find a recent picture to represent my idea for today, and I'm all stuffed up with hayfever, so I decided to give my sinuses a rest. For the photo I had to really dig into my archives to find one of a grass verge! They're so boring around here that I haven't photographed one for years!

Today, I emailed the county council to ask them to leave the grass verges alone! Grass verges, when left to their own devices, are a potentially brilliant little ecosystem for all kinds of creatures. With pollinators being at such a high risk from our modern way of life, I thought I'd do my best to help them on a larger scale. Screenshots of my email are below!

The verges are currently cut between two and eight times a year, depending on the speed limit of the road (details here.) Some of this cutting takes place during prime wildflower season. I thought I'd use the eighth to try to get that eight times down to zero!

It will be interesting to see what the council say about this!

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