Garden Macro Photography: June 2018

A flowery garden for 30 Days Wild!

This month my macro photography has given me something to do for 30 Days Wild! I blogged briefly about it here, but this is the slightly longer version of that post.

There have been (and always are) lots of bees in the garden. Only two of them (main photo and below) would stay still long enough for a close-up though!

There is some more cuckoo spit in our garden:

Some yellow flowers from bulbs I planted a couple of years ago, but for which I've now forgotten the name!

The alliums are still growing, albeit slightly later this year:

Some of the lupin flowers are still blooming, while others have started to produce seeds:

I love these purple flowers:

The bluebells have gone to seed, though they're not quite ready to harvest:

The hemerocallis is producing the first bud it's had since being planted two years ago!

The rose looks beautiful:

The alyssum 'Carpet of snow' has somehow found its way approximately a metre from the pot and is now growing between a slab and the wall!

The primroses are looking a little worse for wear - I don't think they've enjoyed the long, dry spring we're having...

The pansies are doing well though:

The scabiosa is flowering strongly:

Isn't this beautiful?

Some buds on the leucanthemum:

I also had a quick attempt at photographing the tiny creatures in the pond. The black lines in the photos below are some of those creatures. I've absolutely no idea what they are, but there are loads of them and they seem very happy!

A fly was having a rest of the waterlilly leaf:

And as if she was waiting for me, our resident female frog made a brief appearance!

I only take these shots with a really (and I mean really!) cheap lens adaptor, but I'm fairly happy with the results! Now if someone could lend me £450 (as I can't really justify spending my own money...) for a nice proper macro lens, that would be great!

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