Night-time Garden Safari: May 2018

Slug and snails (but no puppy dogs tails...)

As you may have noticed, my Night-time Garden Safari has been absent for the past two months. I've been so very busy, and the weather has been so very terrible, that when I have managed to get out into the garden, all the creatures have been hiding! There was nothing at all to show you!

However, now that spring has finally arrived (and appears to be staying put for the time-being!) the garden is full of life once again. Having said that, that life is mostly amorous snails, some slugs and a few scary spiders! In fact, other than those, the garden was mostly absent of life! Lets start with the snails (as always, you can tap or click the photos to enlarge them):

Anneka recently had a delivery of some bath bombs from a company that used popcorn as packaging material. We checked with them, and it's air-popped from new kernels - so not just some Butterkist (other brands are available!) that they had knocking about the place. This next snail has obviously developed a taste for it!

Feasting on some popcorn - perhaps it's off to the cinema!

This next one was chasing a slug for some reason. I watched them for a little while, and it was simultaneously one of the most fascinating and boring things I've seen in our garden!

Now for the slugs. There were a lot of rather large slugs out and about.

There were also plenty of spiders. I really don't like spiders, they creep me out. However, I thought I couldn't do this post and ignore them, so here are some of them. Aren't I brave?! 

The spider eggs in the photo above give me the creeps more than the spiders themselves. Just thinking about them poking their way through and slowly creeping out makes my skin crawl even as I type this. *shudders*

It wasn't just three three s's that were in our garden though. We also had a couple of millipedes:

There were also a few woodlice hanging around:

I took a quick photo of our pond, as I thought it might look kind of eary in the dark. What do you think?

Just before I went back inside, I checked on the large white butterfly chrysalis. I'm becoming very concerned that it wont emerge at all now. It's been here for months, and I was expecting to see it before this. It makes me feel quite sad.

Although I enjoy exploring our garden in the dark, I really wish there was much more than slugs and snails!

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