About The Wax Picture

The Wax Picture is a lifestyle; review; nature; and mental health blog written by Alan Shenton.

In the three features, I write about my life, garden and mental health. Elsewhere on the blog, I review places to eat, food and drink, and lifestyle products. I also give my opinion on music, in the form of track-by-track album reviews; along with various other subjects that occasionally pique my interest.

History of The Wax Picture

The Wax Picture originally started out as several different blogs written by me, Alan Shenton. In around mid 2017, I decided to combine all of the blogs into one. Wondering what I was going to call the new, single blog, I went through various names including 'My Boring...'; 'My Boring Life'; and various others. Realising that none of these quite sounded right nor fit my vision, things seemed rather hopeless! Then, whilst walking up the stairs at home, I looked at a piece of art I'd been given as a gift many, many years ago.

The art in question was a picture of a gothic style fantasy structure, set in rolling hills against a backdrop of an ominous orange-red sky. The particularly special quality of the picture? It was painted entirely using a candle wax! Something just clicked in my mind, and the name was found. However, someone else had already registered the name here on blogger! The blog itself had never been used, so there was a little hope that it could easily be obtained. I contacted the owner and was successful in negotiating the transfer of the blog name. Thus 'The Wax Picture' was born!

The Wax Picture Itself

There's just one more thing... Below is a scan of the original wax picture which provided inspiration for the name of this blog:

© Image courtesy of Alan Shenton

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